Unable to find particular voice in live settings


I bought a new iPad today and as I was reconfiguring the settings to be similar to the last device, I noticed that the voice I preferred to use was missing from my new iPad. So I was wondering, does anyone know where I can find the enhanced Arthur (en-GB) voice?

iPad Air 1 11.2.6

iPad 2017 11.2.1

Have you already downloaded these voices on your new iPad?

Also, there are special cases regarding some voices. Check the post from Marc:

The thing is, I can’t find the ‘Arthur’ voice on any of the iPads.

So you need to download some voices from the device settings, the Siri settings should be where

Check the post above…

Go to settings then general- accessibility- speech then click on voices and select them and download.

You’re still missing the point, I can’t find the Arthur voice in my settings. I know where it’s located…

Send a screenshot of where it is you are looking so I can see what else is there. It’s been fine for me all these years

Me personally download all the voice pack, just want to hear other players voice in different accent and gender

If you can’t find it in the voice settings, then it is a problem from your device and not from IF. I would recommend you to contact the Apple support, they can help you better than anyone of us.

I actually contacted them beforehand and they said it would be best to contact the developers of the app

But this is not an issue from the app. You can’t find this voice in the settings of your device. To be able to use that voice in IF, you have to download it. If you can’t find/download it then you can’t use it in IF. Contact them again and just say that you can’t find that voice in the voice-settings of your device.

are those voices with names only available for apple devices? I’m using android device and the voices shown only named like “English (United Kingdom) Male #07”?

You are correct. iOS has more voice selections.

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Hi Chris,
I on the SAMSUNG Tablet I only have one voice in English and one in US English, both female. On Huawei Android phone I have many more voices available items. I have already tried to uninstall the application and re-install it on the tablet, but the voices are always only 2. Can you advise me to do it? (Sorry for my english) Thanks


Hi there!
To add voices to your Android phone, you have to download them. If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, there should be a store called “Galaxy Apps”. Search for the voice you would like to have and download it.

Thanks, Starley! I try to enter the store