Unable to fill flight plan

I can’t set up my flight plan in training server. Please help me with this. I’m trying to select SID but there is no option showing add to flight plan in transition page.


Before being able to at a SID/STAR to your flightplan, you will have to choose a transition first in almost any case. The transition is the point where you go from the SID to your flightplan, or from flightplan to STAR. So, choose a fitting transition, and after that you can select ‘add to flightplan’!


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In the Transitions section, you’ll have a list of transition waypoints you can choose from - some SIDs have only one! (that too if it’s a GPS waypoint it’s named something strange like RW354 or similar).

Tap on (aka, select) the transition you want the SID to pass through. “Add to flight plan” should show right up!

Hi Oliver,
After selecting transition, I still can’t add runway in my flight plan, here is the screenshot…please help me with this

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Try spawning in and adding to your flight plan that way. It looks as though you are still on the airport selection page from that screenshot and that’s why it isn’t allowing you to add. Just load in at an airport, go to the PROC tab, add your desired SIDS/STAR and file your plan from there. I believe you can’t currently create your plan without loading in to an airport at the moment.


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