Unable to export file for moderator

Hello everyone!

I am currently having an issue exporting a file to be shared with the moderator - it kept signing me out of the app& I have switched off/restarted the phone but no avail.

Can anyone kindly assist?

Thank you

Are you trying to export a replay?

Hello! Would you mind please adding more information? It could help to know the device you run Infinite flight on, etc.

This topic explains what could be useful to add in your first post:

If you are using an iPhone, try exporting the replay to your files app (pre-installed from Apple) and then uploading it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com from there. This has worked for me in the past.

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Are you using sharemyinfiniteflight.com?

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Thanks for the replies , much appreciated!

Yes I am trying to export a file, on my Google Pixel 3a phone, plenty of memory capacity btw, but it kept signing itself out. I did last week when exporting the replay file selected an option to share with Infinite Flight ALWAYS not once last week. I am now unable to export the replay to my files app therefore it’s futile.

At what stage does it sign you out? When you press “share”?

You say it signs you out. What exactly happens when you press share? Does the app quit?

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In Android can you to to Settings -> Apps -> All Apps -> Infinite Flight and press on Permissions. You should have Storage listed in the Allowed portion.

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Yes the moment I pressed share, the file is exporting…after few seconds I get this or it signed out itself!

I got a feeling the only way to resolve this is to reinstall the app, but it would mean I will lose my replay files

Ok I will give that a try

I have changed this Chris from your suggestion, however there’s no change, and I have tried switching off the phone

Success!! It would appear from this page it worked!

Thanks a bunch guys for your input

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You are very welcome!