Unable to exit

Unable to exit from game after update
Samsung galaxy 5.

Did you try to restart your device?

I can to close the game only from “active applications”

Hmm… Did you try reinstalling the app?

I afraid to lose live account

You are able to restore it right?

You wont lose your live account if you reinstall the game I’m pretty sure. Send pictures showing that there’s not an option to exit the game please.

Try exiting using the home botton i think back button didn’t work for you right!?

I exit with home button but after this need to close game from active appl.

From this I can not to exit with back button

You are right for me the back button doesn’t work too only on that page but am quite sure thats not a big issue since you have an alternative way to close the app.Do the two other buttons work?for me they do

The problem is, when exiting with home button the app is still running in the background. This can cause battery drainage.

Same behavior on my devices (Moto X and Nexus 9).

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Yes, there is no exit button. You can only swipe it away via tabs. It does not matter.

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Thats correct very true