Unable to edit thread

I can’t edit my event thread! What should I do?

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Make a new thread.


Maybe try to log out on your account, and log back in?

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To explain why @Dylan_M is right, its because you’ve either exceeded the number of edits or your topic was made a long time ago, just create another one and transfer all the participants there.


Your event was created on April 1st, which was more than 60 days ago. After 60 days, you cannot edit your post or topic post any more. This goes with any kind of reply, topic post, basically anything you write and post on IFC. I recommend contacting a moderator to open it up for you is one option, the other is to create a new one.

Also in the future, try not to make a event thread 2 months prior as this issue may occur again.


Thanks @Captain_JR and everyone else!

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