Unable to edit event post

Help! I can’t edit my event post anymore! What do I do?

Flag it for a mod to close, and make a duplicate. This happens when the thread is too old.


According to Discource, there is a time limit after a certain topic is created. This usually extends towards the period of 2 or more months after the thread is created.

I recommend creating a new topic and flagging the older one.

Also, never create events way too early for the scheduled dates.

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It’ll take me way too much time to recreate the thread. And I can’t cancel the event

Can you try the copy + paste method into the new topic?

I’m trying to do that but it doesn’t work.

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Can you please link the topic?

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Here it is:

Okay, this one won’t be editable I’m afraid. It’s 66 days old and the edit limit is 60 days.

So I have to recreate a new thread?

Yes, but for what reason do you need to edit?

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I need to add the names of people who sign up.

You could just made a note of it somewhere, and inform them that their gate has been reserved. I’ve seen it done before.

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