Unable to Download Free Planes and Airports

Hello Friends,

I just downloaded Infinite Flight from the Play Store. But, i am not able to download any of the Planes and Airports. I have Purchased the game, Have Active Internet Connection and Have Sufficient Storage space, but still, it none of the content is getting downloaded.

while downloading the plane, the game is first Downloading Sounds, and as it gets near 15%, the popup saying “Error downloading package. Check your Internet connnection or the Storage space.”.

I am on Android Marshmallow OS.

I would suggest to close all your games/applications and to restart your device.

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Have a look at knowledge base or contact support here

Are you have enough space to download it? Maybe you should check your memory ;)

If you don’t have enough memory, Here is some tips that could be useful :

  • Deleted some unuseful and heavy apps (As example, Twitter and Facebook apps could be deleted. You could open both of them via Browser instead)
  • Use “Force Stop” button on some heavy apps. Maybe it could help

The developers once said if your version is not official you cannot download anything. Who published this game on the play store?

This is the correct answer for me.

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Flying Development Studio? He said he bought the official IF.

Sure? A fake Google realeased apps on the Microsoft phone store and charged people for it

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I haven’t seen any other Infinite Flight out there.

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