Unable to depart Munich

I already tried to spot you since 5min, you sure you were on ES?

Sorry for the impatience but it’s annoying when you’re told to sit there and wait and all you wanna do is fly.

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Ok. In the future, please remember that you will have a high chance of delays when flying into the hub on ES. There are plenty of secondary airports with controllers who would really love the traffic!

Please also remember that you can always reach out directly to a controller and ask for their assistance in explaining what has happened. Making a topic is not needed and is only there for unnecessary attention.


If you are really that bored and want to get flying quicker, avoid ATCed airports. They get busy, and delays are expected. No need to rage over the controller taking his time to ensure the airport does not become chaotic.

I think that this could most likely be closed now, because we already have found the controller.


ATC controllers focus on the flow and safety of ALL aircraft and don’t just give clearances to make one pilot happy. If you are in a hub airport, you should expect delays.

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I was departing, not landing. I understand delays happen, but when you’re waiting 10 minutes just to taxi I think there’s a problem. Like I don’t think you’d appreciate it if this happened to you. Again, not trying to be mean with anyone. I’m trying to understand what’s going on.

I’ve been stuck at a gate for 45 minutes once. It happens but eventually you are able to depart. Patience is key

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Was there any traffic conflicting? If there was a conflict present, that probably explains it.

We already said what’s going on.

The best thing to do is just to shoot the controller a polite PM and this can be closed.

Don’t you love being realistic? A very unrealistic thing to do would is taxi without permission. If you sent them a PM, great! Hopefully they can respond and tell you exactly what happened. We are just speculating only the controller knows what happened.


Now I spawned in with a TBM and he said that it’s a light aircraft…

A TBM is not a light aircraft.

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Nope, the TBM and C208 are not considered as light aircraft. The C172 and XCub are.

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A TBM is not a light aircraft. I have messaged the controller privately. Sorry about this.


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Ok everyone, I sent a PM to the controller.


Now until he replies I can’t fly. I’m definitely avoiding ATC airports in the future. What’s the point of doing a flight if they won’t let you fly?

Please forward me your replay file. We use replays for controller feedback and identify any issues.

There are probably reasons why the controller asked you to hold position for that long. Everyone else has told you that already. If you don’t want to wait, quit the flight and go fly somewhere else, no one is forcing you to stay at that airport.

I already deleted the replay, sorry. This might sound awkward but I don’t wanna be held responsible for putting anyone in trouble. All I want is to fly in IF and have a good time there.

I’m not saying you’re lying at all, @Philippe_Gilbert, but a replay timestamp would help in this scenario.