Unable to depart Munich

I requested taxi at Munich and ATC told me to hold position. I waited 10 minutes, requested again and I was told « avoid sending duplicate messages ». I can’t wait all day with my engine on while I’m burning precious fuel. What’s going on?

Check the ATIS; It might say “Gate Hold In Effect”.

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Well ATC let me pushback so it would be logical for them to let me taxi.


Contact the controller via PM and he will explain it for you

It may be a congested area ahead, and they want to sequence aircraft coming into it.


@anon2996007 is the ground controller at Munich. Hopefully he can explain.

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Glad we’ve found the controller! Shoot him a kind PM and I’m sure he’ll be happy to help explain. No need for the response to be on this thread.


He probably won’t respond since controllers shouldn’t be active on IFC while controlling. I’m still waiting to taxi. I really need to go or I won’t have time for my flight. I will taxi I guess.

Please do not taxi without permission. This may result in a report and you will be at fault.


I do not have time. I’m not gonna sit and wait for no reason. I’m busy. Flying in IF isn’t all I have to do in life.

I completely understand that you’ve got things to do, places to be! All I’m telling you is that the minute you start taxiing without permission, you are now at fault, no the controller.


Shut off your engines if he is holding you there then

So what do I do? If I taxi I can do my flight, if I sit there and wait I’m just wasting time.

One engine taxi is always a good idea for when atc clears you to taxi (for this situation only)

How long as it been since you were last told to hold position. Is there anyone booking your way?

Honestly I’d recommend waiting patiently.


The world doesn’t revolve around you. If you really cared about having places to be you’d end your flight.


But that’s not the issue. I’m waiting to taxi.

Are you on TS? I just spawned in and looked to see if I could see what’s up, but I didn’t see you anywhere on ES.

I thought you had an issue with fuel burn as well

I decided to leave. Can’t take it anymore.