Unable to cycle views as controller in playground

This has happened to me on several occasions while controlling on playground. We have two views available. First one that u can zoom in and out, second one you can pan around and zoom (my fav) and third…a black screen. Once you are on the black screen I am unable to go back to other views. The only thing left to do is end session and start over.

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Try dragging your finger down after holding it in the view selection interface.


Yeah I know what it is supposed to do but it doesn’t work if I am atc. It works correctly if I am flying. Go try it yourself and let me know if it works for you. It may be an apple thing.

Can you repeat the issue? If so try and take screenshots or even better, a video.
Could you also provide the details of your device and operating system. It’ll all help Matt and Philippe find and fix the issue.

Works on the iPhone 6.

Only way I could record it would be to video it with other iPhone. Let me try.

What do you guys see on the third view?

Ok it works now. Sorry. My third screen view is black though. Is there not a view for the third option?

the third view is meant to be black. It’s for people that do Centre or TRACONs, they don’t use visual at all.