Unable to create flight plan

Hello, I’m having trouble to create a flight plan. I’m using SimBrief to create a flight plan. After I selected my Departure Procedures, it just stays like that with no options. Just select then what should I do after that?

Hello, unfortunately, you cannot create a FPL on the map before starting your flight. You’d first select an airport to spawn at then click on the world icon at the bottom left and you can create a FPL from there. Welcome to the community!

As mentioned, you need to be loaded into the airport and not on the main airport screen.

From there you will be able to create a flightplan.

Hi! Thanks for helping. However I couldn’t find where to access the procedures area at? Mind helping?

You will tap on the Airport then click on the data about the airport, and at the end, there is the PROC selection. Go there, and you can get the procedures.

Alright thank you. Another question, do u know what file does IF support? Cause I realized that I could get those flight plans files somewhere and is wondering what format I needed cause I might be able to download it from SimBrief.

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