Unable to control the airplane - no yoke response

I am new user of IF and having problem to control the airplane to ascend or maintain at same level. The airplane is always descending down. Please help.

Here is my mobile device.

Iphone 6S
OS version: 9.3.4
Infinite Flight: latest download itunes

Thank you.

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Did you turn autopilot on with a set altitude?

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Hello and welcome to Infinite Flight!

Have you tried playing around with your weight settings or calibrating your device? Were you flying with Autopilot or manually?


This happens to me sometimes on the ground, it helps if you toggle autopilot off and on. This usually restores yoke control. If not, just try deleting and reinstalling the app.

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If nothing works, you could try restarting the phone first before choosing the deleting and reinstalling route.

I restarted my phone once and it works.

Thank you for the info.

I will try it out again.

Did the advice work?

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