Unable to Control ATC

I was controlling earlier today and didn’t have this problem but I tried just a few minutes ago and I’m experiencing a glitch.

I’m trying to open ATC at KSMO on expert but my radar won’t open and I can’t connect to any of the frequencies. I can see other aircraft flying around too. A controller said he saw me opening and closing the airport in the top left corner of his screen but it didn’t look like I was able to connect as ATC from my POV. I waited a good few minutes but the radar nor frequencies ever showed up or connected.

What’s weird is that on the status page it showed KSMO staffed by me in Australia? At least what I know, KSMO is in So Cal not Australia 🤔

Running iPad Air 2 iOS 10


Server will need to be reset.


Known issue. Can only be solved by server restart.

Log out of the frequency and log back in again. Always works for me.

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