Unable to Control ATC on Training Server

Hi all,
So I got infinite flight live today and wanted to try ATC. So I went onto the menu thing and chose Southern California and the training server. But whenever I join I can’t do anything. I’m not entirely sure of the controls.

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Hi welcome!i suggest you to have a look in the #tutorials category,you can find a lot of helpful tutorial.

Welcome! You need to be at least Grade 2 to control ATC on the Training Server.

Welcome to the community!

Suggest as well as the tutorials section to also read through the ATC threads as well. Lots of great info there to help you out. Who knows in the future you could be controlling on the advanced server!

Mean time suggest that you get some hours flying so you discover how UNICOM works and also the interaction with ATC from a pilots point of view so that you know the type of commands etc.

Thanks just found out aswell

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