Unable to control aircraft

Hey .

Im having an issue where I cannot control the aircraft neither on ground or in the air. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the app itself. My phone did experience technical issues earlier. I cannot control the aircraft at all. I was on final at VTBS for the event and AV-DAN was behind. When I calibrated and disconnected the A/P the plane went up dramatically and I was forced to quit. Since then I lost full control of the aircraft. This has never happened before. Any thoughts on how to fix ?

I suggest researching the correct trim for the aircraft before use. If that doesn’t work, calibrate to maintain some “lee-way”. Meaning calibrate a couple degrees more than you actually need for cases like these.

Check your sensitivity settings!

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This has happened to me too, Figure the only way I could fix this pitch is Via trim. I dont think its a sensitivity issue.

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Ok I’ll try

This happened to me too. But you can fix it by restart your app, restart your device and everything will be back again. But before you join a flight, make sure you check the control accelerometer. I’m sure this is a known issue and will be fixed in the future update.

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That’s it worked! I restarted the app and got full control

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Yes, this happened to me and I followed these exact steps. This is a wholly accurate solution!