Unable to continue replay after updating screen rec

hey all, since the update with the replays, ive noticed that when we swipe down on the control centre from the right corner (I use an ipad), the replay does not seem to continue, but still able to end the replay without closing the game. I have noticed this repeatedly and it is annoying especially for my video recordings.

Can someone look into this? Or advise me? Thanks

Maybe try Pausing and starting the replay, or restart Infinite Flight.

Ive tried that, it works but it annoying how i might have to restart the app every shot i have to make, especially on t/o and landing being able to have 8 shots and up

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Btw the pausing and restarting of replay does not work, the screen will just freeze after the recording ends

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As much as I understand, the replay pauses (bottom left) every time you want to screen record using the control centre on your iPad.

Or else you mean that Infinite Flight froze and you are unable to continue your replay. That would be a bit unusual for me. It was also said that you can also end your replay session without any problems?

just double tap the home button and yea, you can end it. The replay ends in the last view before the end of rec

It doesnt puase, the GUI disappears, everything is gone and the screen freezes

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Just here to refresh the post, this issue was not corrected by the new scenery update

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