Unable to contact tower at KCLT tonight

I was on right downwind to 18C. Only ground frequency was active at the airport.
I got 2 requests to contact tower, but could not find tower freq. on the list.
In fear of being ghosted I got off the server.

Any ideas?



iPad pro 9,7


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It wasn’t near the bottom of the list?

No, number 4 as you can see on one of the screenshots above.

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Sorry, misunderstood. No, i scrolled down.
At the bottom it was an approach freq.

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It happens to me too except there wasn’t any frequency available. Just do nothing and ATC will eventually realize you are too far to contact them.

This just happened to me (March 30 2017, 4 am East Africa Time). I was inbound right base runway 10R at KFLL. I was told to contact tower but only UNICOM was available. I announced my inbound via UNICOM but got ghosted. Unfortunately no screenshots were taken.

Flying: C-130H
Callsign: Rogue1
Server: Advanced

Hahaha “Rouge 1”, nice…


Thanks for contacting support. Good move to end the session and try again. This is a known issue that we are still tracking and will fix as soon as we find solid steps to reproduce.

To help reduce the chance of this issue, avoiding leaving your session or multitasking with other apps that may cause brief connection losses. Happy Flying,


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