Unable to contact the tower frequency

Just now in Honolulu in advanced, I taxied to the runway and when I was first in line, I looked for the tower frequency and it was not on there. I did not want to get posted so I got off the server.

Device settings and steps to reproduce please.

Was tower actually active?

This happened to me once but with ground. They sent a guard warning but I couldn’t connect.ci tried disconnecting but still nothing. I was doing a group flight and it happened to everyone else too.

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Yes it was. It was sending warnings.

You remember the ground controllers name?..May have been me

I couldn’t see because it did not show the frequency on the list but it was on Hawaii advanced server around 11 yesterday.

Are you sure it wasn’t a neighbour tower? So other airports can have the same name, just not ending. A good example is the army station next to KNUC.

It’s was before takeoff and the tower said contact Honolulu tower.