Unable to contact ground

I was starting a flight at EHAM and I kept getting on guard messages from the grond ATC but there was no option to select the ground frequency. Only tower and Unicom was available. I refreshed the active ATC page and it showed ground was still active.

If this helps.
Please help. Is it a connection problem?

You were on the training Server. Not surprising at all. Maybe one of you had a poor connection.

In this case you could restart your device and see if it occurs again while there’s active ATC.

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I feel like this is training server stuff and that ground is at a different airport. Not surprising.

Have you restarted your app?

Doesn’t he mean the “unkown”-problem?

Ok, thanks for your help.

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Well he can contact tower, just not ground.

If youre having ATC issues on ground, just exit and restart. No biggie. If you have ATC problems on approach to your destination after a ten hour flight, that’s different. There are lots of topics covering what to do if that happens.

I restarted ten times already.

He is/was at EHAM. It is Amsterdam Schiphol so it was the correct airport.

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Does this occur at other airports? Are you backing in and out of the app and multitasking?

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I’ll try at other airports.

I recommend you reset your router and restart your device first. Let’s start with a clean slate.


It’s working now (must have been a bad connection). Thank you all for your help.

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Yess this happen to me also restart 20 times… Uninstall one time… Still the same