Unable to contact ATC

Provide more substance to your post. :)


What server are you on? Also, more information is needed as @Trio stated

This can happen if you leave the app too many times. It happened to me twice. Just restart your phone and begin a new flight and it should work.

Grande 2 (training server

What airport were you at?

Istanbul Ataturk airport

Ok, when did this happen. Date and time. Do you have the name of the controller?

I’m asking this because LTBA is rarely opened on the training server.

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I received the game yesterday and ATC does not answer me :( I’am server: grande 2 traning server

What does it say? Does it say approach, departure, tower, ground, or unicom? Can I have a photo of the ATC screen?

You could have had one or more of the following problems:

  1. ATC was ignoring you, you’re on the training server so the controllers are learning and might have missed you. There are also a few bad apples but those bad apples generally don’t control at LTBA which again is why I asked. I find it hard to believe they were ignoring you.

  2. You might have been too far out or you might have disapeared and came back and ATC could not or did not notice your request. This is due to a recent “bug” where aircraft disapear, reappear and the comms clear. In that situation the training server controller may not know what to do.

  3. You have a connection problem and ATC cannot hear you so they cannot give you an instruction, solutions provided in the other posts above.

  4. The controller had a connection problem and cannot hear anyone or communicate with anyone.

  5. You were on unicom and you don’t know what unicom is, and there was no active ATC at the airport.

When this happens again take screenshots of the pilot ATC menu, a picture of the airport on the map while the incident is happening, and if you can a screen recording of the incident.

Example of the pilot ATC menu:

Example of the map:

I’ve had issues contacting aircraft as an ATC before. They would contact me but I could not give them any directions or even any messeges back. I found that if I restarted the app it was resolved. Sometimes it’s just a little glitchy I guess

@David_Driggers this might have been your problem. It might not have. 🙄

I don’t think so. I was controlling ground and tower in Miami and new planes that popped up were unknown and I could not contact them, but I did hear their request and they were on my frequency and map

Ok then option 4 is for you @David_Driggers, thanks for the example.

Yeah, like I said, I just restarted and it was resolved. Easy fix.


That is unicom Evez, please take a look at this tutorial. There is no ATC receiving your commands because the airport is currently not being serviced by any ATC. Unicom is just used to tell other aircraft your intentions, the other pilots tuned into that airport’s frequency can hear you. Hope that solves the problem you were having! 🙂

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You are very welcome, also welcome to the community!