Unable to contact ATC after they contacted me

I was contacted by approach (LFBO) 3 times before being ghosted (I’ve sent a PM to the ATC mod to get this reversed), because I didn’t have the LFBO approach display on my ATC options to reply to his message. The below screenshot shows me being contacted, but no option to reply / no LFBO approach option displayed. It wasn’t until 10NM later (after the third message from ATC and ultimately being ghosted) that the LFBO approach showed up on my ATC options.

  • Using an iPad (2017 model)
  • Using WiFi
  • I didn’t leave the app at any point during the flight
  • As per the screenshot, the connection status at the top right was green the entirety of the flight
  • On the expert server

You are at FL220, Approach airspace only extends up to 18,000ft AGL which they may have misclick on accident. Have the mod respond to you yet?

Not yet no - they may not have received it yet (was about 30-45 mins ago). If it was a misclick, it happened three times! However, the option to contact them appeared when I was just over 19,000ft.

@art_martinez will be in contact with you via PM.

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Yeah that’s cool, it just seemed like a bug to me so thought I’d report it.