Unable to contact Approach ATC

I experienced trouble contacting approach ATC on expert server. While flying into Dallas just now, I tried asking landing permission over 5 times and the controller kept sending “say intentions”. I can hear other conversations on the frequency fine and I had no issue contacting tower and ground at takeoff. I tried to validate the problem by spawning in again to fly pattern. I had no problem with Ground and Tower ATC for takeoff yet the approach atc just can’t hear my message again. Please help

I was the controller at the time, there was someone who was NORDO on one of the 36’s at around 3000’. Was that you?

Did you leave infinite flight during the flight and what connection are you on? (WiFi cellular?)

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Yep that was me. I was on LTE. I left the flight cuz I don’t want to get ghosted for not replying. The werid thing is Tower and Ground ATC worked fine for me. Just the approach doesn’t work.

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Yeah, LTE isn’t reliable for flying or controlling and leads to appearing unknown or others appearing unknown.

Don’t worry though in the future you won’t get ghosted as long as you follow the traffic pattern and sequence yourself, you’ll be treated like a bird with comm. issues.

Gotcha. Thanks!

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