Unable to contact aircraft as ATC on expert

Hi guys

Over the past few months as when acting as ATC, I sometimes get aircrafts log into the frequency and appear white, they stay white when they request something and do not appear on my aircrafts list on the right side. I click on the aircraft and click the option to bring up all the commands, however no commands appear, and just a pink ring and line appear on around the specific aircraft, and no communication can be made, this entailing that because i don’t respond to this command, i get logged out of the session.
I use an iPad Pro so its not like the device could be the problem.
Hope someone could help!
Best Regards
Ben Tyson

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Do you have a screenshot?

Im afraid I don’t, when your controlling EHAM on an FNF night, its so hectic and without approach also. So screenshotting was the last thing i could do as it would delay me replying to the other 10 aircraft waiting for me to to reply to them, as it was busy

Ive had that case from the pilots perspective

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A few of the staff like Tyler I spoke to knew what I was talking about, we as controllers hate it when it happens because it shifts all our focus so something doesn’t muck up whilst we try to sort it.

I have experienced that before. Probably they already changed frequency. Were you controlling ground and tower at the same time?

Its annoying isn’t it

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Both at the same time

Discussed in another topic

At both, this might happen. But I don’t know why the white appears. But I’m sure they changed to another frequency. You’ll contact them on the other side.
That’s what I believe. I’m not positive.😐😳

They cant be on another frequency
A. Because there was no other nearby frequency online.
B. They were on left base for the runway they were due to land on at my airport, so why change?

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Similar to the second one, just didn’t come up as unknown

It’s fine everyone was having problems.

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Planes which are white are on the current frequency. They would be gray if on another.

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