Unable to connect

Hi there!
Today was my first access to IF after 20.2 update. I tried to play ATC but system issues locked me out.

Problems while ATC

  • The connection sign on top right corner shows only gray.
  • CANNOT access any ATC control.
  • ALL of the traffic are shown as ‘UNKNOWN’

Problems while flying

  • ALL of the traffic are shown as ‘UNKNOWN’
  • Even if I spawn at the active airport, ATC menu only shows UNICOM.
  • I contacted Controller and asked him to send me ON GUARD message. He sent each from G&T. None of them showed up in my phone.
  • One good news it that controller was able to hear my transmision.

There were absolutly no issues week ago. (Before 20.2 update) Yes, I tried to restart and reinstall too. All of them showed same answer… Just to let U know, I use Samsung Galaxy note8 for playing IF


I believe this is because someone had taken the positions the same time you did. The connection bar is intentionally greyed out for all controllers :)

I maybe wrong about this, lets see what others have to say.

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If that’s the only reason, We cannot explan tons of 'unknown’s…

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Thats most likely a connection issue on your end. Restart your router or see if using another WiFi works.

Actually, if someone took the frequency at the same time, it will show up as (Obs.), not (…). I believe this is to do with the OP’s connection.

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Does thins happen on both Cellular and WiFi?

It sounds like you are having some sort of connection issue.

I would reboot your device and try again ensuring you have a strong internet connection. Has there been any changes to your home network? Are you on a VPN? Are you using and 3rd party software.

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I use my cell’s hotspot for internet. As I said, it has been working just fine till last week.

I’ve been having the same issue for a few days now, and it looks like disabling my VPN fixed it

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