Unable to connect

Hello everyone! This Evening I have ran into an issue while preparing to open an airport on the Expert Server. I am unable to connect to any server, and my account is failed to be found after reinstalling the app. I have tried every such method, and no reward.

Pad 5th Generation

Steps to Conclude:

Restart of App
Restart of Device
Reinstallment of App
Internet Re-boot

Pictures of Incident:

Same Issue here!! I thought I’m the only one.

It’s a server problem again. I have the same issue and @JoshFly8 told me he’s unable too.

@schyllberg You need to check it out.

Yep I’m running into the same issue also.

Same issue here

It’s seem it’s backing up now. Check it out.

having the same problem too…

To declutter, are you having the same issue?

  • Yes
  • No

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Looks like I’m back in business and seems I can connect again. Most likely a small server downage if some sort.

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Thanks for the update. We’ll keep this thread open to monitor any lingering connectivity issues for the time being.

Same issue for me to

Same Issue here. I’m glad I’m not the only one.
So there’s nothing wrong with my WiFi.

It’s back on now

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Still down for me.

Alright I’m all set for my next flight =) It’s Back!
-Happy Landings!