Unable to connect

This is probably a server wide issue and I’m sure the Devs are already working on it.

It seems to be working for me now, managed to connect.

Yep. Definitely a server wide issue.

Erm why might/may i ask

It seems like it is. I am unable to access the servers from my phone or my iPad. Quite odd

It seems to be working well for me.

Check if any update is coming. Since it is a connection issue and this seems to happen to most of them. I am currently flying.

In most updates in Infinite Flight such as the release of Global, all servers seemed to unable to connect. That is just my guess since you are not the only one…

Dont take what I write too seriously ;-)


Working on it… hang on…


erm ok noted

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The boss is on it :-)


I lost in on that😂😂😂😂

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It should be fine now, I can see connections go through…

I have to disable the user ranking system for a bit, it seems like it’s causing issues…


I’m back on. Thanks for the support!

what is a user ranking system sorry but i am fairly new to this

So now we’re all Grade 1 ;-)


You can see who got the most XP, landings and Flight time per day, week, month and all time

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thank you :)

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we are now doomed

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Leaderboard disabled for now as it was causing issues. All good for now!