Unable to connect


Any help?

Hello. Firstly, what is your device? And is your connection stable?

Make sure you have a strong connection to WiFi


Could you please reply with the info mentioned above and the steps you have taken to solve the issue so far, so it would be easier for us to understand and help you :)


My connection is stable, i can play other games . iOS 12 , iphone 10 max

Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling IF?

I see on the top right corner “Not Logged in to IF Pro”. Maybe that is why?

He was trying on solo I believe based on his screen

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Have you tried any of the steps below:

• Restart app

• Power down device, open again, clear scenery chase (settings --> general --> it’s in the bottom) and try again

It also says “No Aircraft”. Try choosing one.

Well let me check after re-installing

When i press the “no aircraft” it says like that, let me re-install and get back on this

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I tried but didn’t work

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Try a reinstall as stated. Might do the trick. Let us know if your issue has been solved!

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Reinstall as mentioned above if that doesn’t resolve the issue.u might wanna contact schyllberg

not gonna tag him

Worked after re-installing👍 Best sim

Well i re-installed which resolved my issue connecting, now i am having another issue which is i cannot toggle the highlighted functions

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Very strange, have you restarted the app as stated above?
I have never seen a problem like you have.

Have you tried holding them for like 3 seconds? Then the functions should appear…I would also suggest to change the camera view and try again.

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Well that did the part, not sure if this was because of the ios or the phone, when pressed didn’t work, but holding did,

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