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Hello IFC,

Right now I am cruising with carnival and have purchased on-board WiFi. The WiFi is different to home; it is Satellite WiFi. I purchased the WiFi package so I can play Infinite Flight while I cruise.

The app loads up fine, but, when I get to the Aircraft and area selection pages, I try to choose my aircraft but when I tap on the button and this comes up…

I have some theories on why it’s not loading but cannot prove those theroies as of yet.

Also, I have updated the navigation database thing.

Hope you can help me and sorry if this is a duplicate…

Happy Flying!


Maybe you can try to clear your cache or check your WIFI signal.

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In-Flight WiFi is not as reliable as your home WiFi. Don’t expect it to be good.

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I am in the middle of the ocean soooo…

I wasn’t really expecting it to be great…

I will try that actually…

Honestly, I don’t recommend In-FLight WiFI for Infinite Flight.

Keep in mind that internet offered on cruise ships are beamed to a satellite orbiting earth 35,786 KM away, then beamed back to earth. There is a significant amount of latency to the data, it would be unwise to attempt to use live with latency that high. In addition, speeds for that kind of internet isn’t that great either, so you might struggle to load anything. Hope this helps!

Is the internet fast for web browsing?

I wasn’t going to even attempt to go on live servers…
It did work on solo yesterday but not today…

It’s quite fast for Web browsing

I would suggest installing a vpn onto your device. That may help

X-VPN is good

What is VPN
i know I sound dumb

It does various things including get past proxies aka if the WiFi is blocking anything,it can get past it.

Are you using iOS?

No, I am using an android

Install this and give it a try

Ok, I am installing it now

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UPDATE: It’s working, I just need to install all the Aircraft again…

Great! Let us know if everything is fully working. After downloading the aircraft.

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Ok, I will do. Also, thanks for the suggestion!

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