Unable to connect with ForeFlight

Hello! I use an iPad Air 2 for IF and as a secondary device I have an iPad mini retina which I have tried connecting to ForeFlight with no success. Have followed the instructions from the very few videos on YouTube about the subject but have failed to connect on every try. Can anybody be so kind and help me please?

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Have you tried restarting both apps and enabling then disabling “enable Foreflight link” in your Infinite Flight Settings (General > Enable Foreflight Link)?

Also, just confirming both devices are connected to the same WiFi correct?

The first thing that you want to do is ensure that both the devices running Infinite Flight and the device running ForeFlight are on the Wifi network. I don’t believe this will work if you are running on cellular. In addition to the steps that @Levet outlined above on the Infinite Flight side of the pairing process, below you will find the steps necessary to prepare ForeFlight for the connection.

Step 1

Open up ForeFlight, and tap on the more tab at the bottom. In this example I’m using an iPhone X but the more tab is in the same position on the iPad as well. Once you tap on this, look for “Devices”. This is where the connection to Infinite Flight will be enabled.

Step 2

Once you click on “Devices” this is the screen that will populate. Below will be any and all devices that ForeFlight has detected to pair with. As you see here, Infinite Flight has been detected. Tap on where it says “Infinite Flight”. A new window will pop up as seen in step 3 below.


Step 3

After tapping on the device details in the previous step, you will be greeted with this toggle. The default position is in the off or disabled position. You will have to manually enable the connection as seen here. By doing this you are essentially granting the pairing of ForeFlight and Infinite Flight.


Step 4

Once you have turned this on, head over to the Maps and toggle on traffic, TFRs, weather and any other map layers you prefer. You will know that you’re connected to Infinite Flight when you see the accuracy drop to 1m and when the accuracy says “(Infinite Flight)”. This is visible on the screenshot below. Here I was sitting on the ramp at MMMX and you can see all of the aircraft either departing or inbound for the field.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


You can’t have two iPads for one account running ForeFlight at one time. Depends what backup means…


That would be un related as he isn’t using both for ForeFlight. An iPad for IF, and one for ForeFlight works just fine.

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Ah right, my bad. Never mind.

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Sometimes I have to close and open Infinte Flight for the two to connect, if that helps. And in my experience occasianly when I end my flight, I lose connection between the two and I have to restart Infinite Flight. 🙂

Look at “backup” as you can’t have more than 3 iPads running. Should one iPad fail (battery dies, hardware failure), you’ve got an extra.

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I have had issues maintaining a connection for more then 20mns at a time?

Did you leave Infinite Flight to go to another app?

Could you try and “unconnect” Infinite Flight from the Foreflight app? Then reinstall Infinite Flight? Then connect back?
(I’m not sure if this will help. Sorry if it doesn’t mate.)

Thanks very much I will try that

Thanks very much. I will try this. A very helpful information you are providing here. Thanks.

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I have two WiFi networks at my house, one has more restrictive firewall settings than the other and I am unable to use the more restrictive one to connect IF with ForeFlight. It’s possible you might be having the same problem. Just an idea.

Thanks very much. I really appreciate you all’s help.

Ive tried this too but it says i gotta pay $100 a month for a subscription for it to work

Hi ChefSkittlez,

ForeFlight Mobile does require a subscription once you’ve used-up the 30-day free trial that begins when you download the app from the Apple App store. If you did that a while ago and would like to try it out again, please email us at team@foreflight.com and we’ll be happy to re-activate a short trial so you can try it out again before deciding if you’d like to subscribe. Note that in order to be fair to everyone who wants to try out ForeFlight Mobile we can only offer a single extension after the initial 30-day free trial.

The differences between the 3 ForeFlight Mobile subscription plans are outlined at our website https://www.foreflight.com/pricing

@sabine if you’re still having trouble after confirming that both your devices are connected to the same WiFi network, please contact us at team@foreflight.com and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot.

-Josh B.
ForeFlight Pilot Support Team


So in order to connect i need to use a 30-day trial? Is there any other option cause i dont have enought IF time on my hands to keep making new 30-day trials

In order to use ForeFlight Mobile with Infinite Flight you either need to be using the free trial of ForeFlight Mobile (that starts after you download the app) or a purchased ForeFlight Mobile subscription if your trial is complete.

To be clear: in order to be fair to everyone we provide one 30-day trial to ForeFlight Mobile that begins when you download the app, and can do a one-time short extension to that trial if you make a polite request to team@foreflight.com :)

-Josh B.
ForeFlight Pilot Support Team


I think i got it. Thanks