Unable to connect to servers

Hey every time i try to connect when i load the game it isn’t connecting to the servers is there an issue with the servers or is my ipad not working properly

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This is happening to me as well

You are not the only one who is experiencing.

Just got in

Happening to me as well :/ hopefully it’s temporary.

We’re aware of the situation. Thanks for the notice. 🙂


Looks like another outage or something.

all good man hope you can get it fixed soon cuz i wanna go flying

yeah i can get in but then it immediatley crashes

ok cool i thought it was just me

Same here servers are down

If you wait long enough it’ll put you in. I’m finally in

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Anyone still having issues?
I was able to load in fine just now :)

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Nope, I was, but not anymore.

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