Unable to connect to servers during flight (Account already in use message)

I am in the middle of a flight right now, for the first half I was connected, but now it will not let me connect. I have not gotten any violations during this flight so I know I didn’t get kicked off. It came up with a message saying my account was already in use on another device, but it’s not. What should I do?

Hi, are you on WiFi or cellular? What steps have you taken so far to try and resolve your connection issues?

On WiFi, I have exited the app, unconnected from WiFi, then reconnected. I have full bars too. I also made sure I am not logged in on athoer device, and I’m not.

Okay thank you for that information and we apologize for the inconvenience. Could you try resetting your router for us and close Infinite Flight (make sure it isn’t running in the background) then turn off your device. After your router is finished the reboot go ahead and power on your device and relaunch Infinite Flight.

Will do, thank you!

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