Unable to connect to servers after updating

After updating its giving error unable to connect to the server and also the update file was of 26mb. Can anyone please check and give feedback

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Users are talking about the same issue here.

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Its also happening to me

Everyone has the same issue because everyone is logging in at the same time.

And how do you know that thats the cause?

Crashed the servers. Lol. Happening to me too. Can’t even connect.

It said “Subscribe now” but i have a sub


Oof thats deep

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Ya same here it just says connecting

777 is so laggy that i had to turn off airplane count

I have the same

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So when is this gonna stop

Mine still says connecting for good couple minutes and still waiting

Laura says she’s rebooting the server right now. Be patient🙃. There was too much traffic for the server to handle.

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The same is happening to me

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That’s is happening because of the huge amount of people trying to get in to test the new update

Just wait some time and then the app will back up :)

also this is a duplicate topic, please go to the original one said above

It’s connected for me.