Unable to connect to server

I’ve been getting the message “infinite flight was unable to connect to the server. Try again?”. It has been going on about an hour. My Internet is active and I’m streaming a film (this does not usually cause a problem). I was going to make my debut on IFATC expert server today but the app is being naughty. Anyone any ideas?


Hello there! Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Can you follow the steps below and report back to us:

  • Close IF completely (stop it and other apps from running in the background)
  • Power off your Device
  • Restart your router
  • Wait a few moments for the router to connect to the internet
  • Power on your device and relaunch Infinite Flight

I’m having this issue as well since 1500z. Seems like only a small number of people are having this problem.

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I have tried the steps above and it is still an issue. I am in UK.

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Can you gives us the exact error you are receiving? A screenshot perhaps :)

Is your Wifi working fine?

WiFi is perfect. Download 20Mbps Upload 8Mbps

It’s being looked into. We’re getting intermittent reports from across the world.


Yes, I am having a similar problem. Sometimes I cannot finish a flight, so I lock the screen, do whatever I have to do and come back and try to finish it. I have done this several times, but recently, I open IF and everything is ok except that I cannot connect to live server. It shows me an red “X” symbol at right Up corner like I didnt have internet connection. This never happened to me before.

Just want to report, I am also having this issue, but I have a strong internet connection. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Having the same issue

Same issue

I’m having this issue too. I’m not sure what to do - I’ve restarted my iPad, restarted IF, and the rest of our internet is working fine. I have an event to host in an hour and a half, maybe it will be fixed by then?

Still trying to figure it out…

We’re really sorry abouf this!


What a timely server fix. Looks like it’s working now!


I have just got in too


Looks like we’re good now :)