Unable to connect to server

I was off the app for a few days, today i opened the app and updated the navigational database and when i try to go to multiplayer it asked for logging account which is google and then from there it does not connect to server. I’ve tried deleting the app and installing again. My google account is the only one ive used for Infinite Flight, any suggestions would be appreciate it.

Google has been slow today during verification. Try closing the app. Open Google Browser on your device and sign out and sign back in then relaunch Infinite Flight and sign in.

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Have you tried restarting your device?

I had this too about an hour ago.

Rebooting and waiting solved the problem for me. I was having trouble with other google authenticated apps as well so it is not limited to Infinite Flight.

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I did restart the device a few times, i tried signing into my infinite flight account on the infinite flight website and even there it doesnt work for me. I will keep trying.

The Infinite Flight website isn’t accessible at this time that’s why.

Got it, i hope i can still logg in through the app.

Like @Chris_S and @Delta_Alpha_Lima try rebooting your device and try again a bit later. Let us know once you are able to sign in.

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I had similar issues trying to log into LiveFlightApp.com.

Launch IF
Log out of IF
Log back in
repeat as needed.

Would reseting my device all the way help at all? Been trying to log in for a few hours now.

Could you try logging in with another Google account? (just to confirm that is a Google connection error)

Just did and it did not let me in, so the issue is coming from Google then.

Possible solutions:

  • Fix time and date settings
  • Clear Google Play Store cache
    • Settings > application manager > Google Play
      Store > clear data/cache
  • Remove/Enable (any) proxy or VPN servers
  • Restart your router

Thank you this helped a lot, i did all of these things except the VPN or Proxy because i did not have any of those on. Finally am able to connect. This can be close