Unable to Connect to Live via Data

So ever since last week, i wasn’t able to connect to live through my data. I never had such a problem wih this up until now. Can someone please help me out

You need to include a little bit more information. Device, software version, network. Are you able to connect using wifi?

Yes I can connect using wifi I have an Iphone 6s T mobile unlimited data

So when you’re on the cell tower you can’t connect to the IF servers at all?

yes, when i go onto infinite flight is connect to the home screen but once I’m at the gate the WiFi light which is supposed to be green, goes from orange to red

This has been a problem only with T Mobile. Usually folks affected by this have been able to contact their T Mobile support to help with making sure the network port 10100 is open on their device and not blocked by the carrier.
Unfortunately there’s not anything we can do regarding this specific carrier network issue.

Closed because it’s a duplicate of a existing support ticket. Recommend contacting other T Mobile users who have had a similar issue with their carrier for advice. PM me if there’s any new information leading to a resolution for other T Mobile customers with this problem.