Unable to connect to live server

Hi. Im flying from KSFO to LIRF for a few hours now, and tabed out of the sim for a minute. When i came back i noticed that the live server connection has a red tick next to it.

All other systems are ticked green. I tried switching networks and tabing out of the app again and still nothing has changed. Does anyone have a plausible fix for this?

Also i dont think this is the thing where you get booted from live because the session has expired or whatever that notifcation says, i csnt remember

Edit: i tabed in and out of the flight while writing this to make sure i didnt crash, and well the game crashed. If no one has any idea what the problem is mods can close this in a few hours :)

Did you try switching airplane mode on and off for 30 seconds?

A lot of times this can be a temporary issue on your end or even on the server end. Flipping to airplane mode and flipping back may help re-connect the connection.

Sometimes a communication issue on your end may be responsible. Internet issue, firewall issue, etc. Sometimes it is small and sometimes it is larger.

If it happens more often you can see if there are any patterns to it such as lack of space, wifi vs cellular, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Happened to me last night, but it was Internet issues

Sadly we cannot control the full internet.


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Oh it fix within 2 minutes 😂

I doubt it was on my end since both wifi and 4g were working fine, after all i did manage to post here :)

If it happens again ill try airplane mode, thanks for the info guys

Mods can close this now