Unable to connect to live server

Hello Developer,
Past 2 days I am unable to connect to live server for my IF account running on IPad Pro 11… My internet connection is good enought to start the flight and system status shows all green except Live server… Please help me…!! 😓

I have reinstall the app twice and even clear the cache and logged off and logged in but no outcome…

Looking forward for someone to help me resolve the issue…

Check if the internet cables are plugged in properly, happened to me and it resolved it

Try turning your WiFi off and back on again.

I checked on my android device… I am able to connect to live server means there is no issue with my acc… Thinking now to reset ipad…

Done… Issue still persist… I am checking my android device with same account to find if same problem appears

I am able to connect to all other apps in my tab…

Ok, have you restarted your iPad?

Yes Done…

No resolution with resetting my ipad… Same issue still appears 😣

I’m not entirely sure to be honest. How long has this problem been occurring for?

Two days 🙃

Oh, sorry. I don’t really know, then, it normally will go away after a few days.

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Developers please help me😰


Where do you currently live? And have you changed your WiFi provider recently?

Maybe using a Virtual Private Network could be the solution

If you want a specific developer answer you can contact privately @ Cameron or @ schyllberg. You are advised to expect delays in the time responses though

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Yes I relocated and there is change in isp

First off, are you in WIFI or Cellular?

I am on wifi connection

Did you exit the Infinite Flight app while online? (i.e. switch quickly to another app and come back)

No never will never do that insane things

Hi guys…
I am near to resolve the issue… Was wondering if dual channel router has any connection to this issue, so quickly replaced it with single channel as I used to have previously… I got some fluctuations in live server connection… And also I wonder if the ISP has some link to this issue… I found it wierd but yes with the new isp it is not working… I sorted out this by connecting my wifi ipad to my phone network using wifi hotspot… And the result is I am now connected to Live Server… Now I am happy and waiting my old isp to give me service to new area… Once that is done I will be back to sky… Soon will be grade 5 pilot 👨‍✈️

Thank you all for your quick suggestions