Unable to connect to live server

Hello, I am currently flying a 737-700 from San Andres Island to New York, right over the Bahamas at FL400. A couple of minutes ago the live server decided to fail even though all the other connections are perfect. How can I fix this ? Thanks !

Did you open another app? Sometimes when that happens, the server might disconnect for a while.

Nope, all the time it has been running IF only.

How is your internet connection? That’s another likely cause.

Very good, 50mbps (if somebody knows what the hell does that’s mean!) Also, all the other servers wouldn’t be running perfectly by now without an internet connection. It’s been around 20 minutes now

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The servers may be restarting.

Did that happen just suddenly during your flight? How often did this happen? A couple of recommended solutions may vary:

  • Restart your Router. Wait at least 30 seconds before turning it back on.

  • Restart your device, as this may link to the Response for your WiFi or Internet connection.

To test the following, Fly over along with any aircraft in the Casual Server.

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@Airbus_737 I don’t know honestly. 🤔

Has this been happening in one particular server only?

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If I kneed to do so it then I will however, isn’t there a fix in order that I don’t have to cancel my flight that is more than halfway done ? You surely know how frustrating that is!

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IDK if they’re restarting them. I’m on expert

I think you will just be disconnected, but you will still be flying. I have not experienced this yet. A warning message may pop up informing you that you are disconnected.

Have in mind that if the internet gets back on track, you will just reconnect.

Ok, I’ll try that thanks a lot Kuba ! Would be very nice if a staff member came and actually helped a costumer though!

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Well, unfortunately we’re not all available 24/7 :) Especially not in the span of 16 minutes.

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