Unable to connect to live server

Despite my good Wifi connection, I am unable to connect to the live server. All other aspects like Weather and API Service are fine, except for the Live Server. Anyone else with this issue?



Which server are you having issues with?

I currently able to connect to expert. It might be you, not 100 percent sure though.

Expert Server.

This has happened to me many times in the past, and others have been able to connect, so it’s most likely me.

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Have you tried the others?
All our metrics are looking good and there’s no connections dropping, so it’s most likely on your end I’m afraid.

Ive also tried Training Server, but that server does not connect as well.

Have you tried these 3 steps? They may solve the issue…

  • Restart Infinite Flight
  • Restart Your Device
  • Restart Your Router

Even though you mentioned your WiFi to be good, there is always a chance restarting the router may help. Try it out and see what happens :)

Also a rather extreme extent, uninstall and re-install. These basic steps might work, hopefully.

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@Captain_JR thanks. I restarted the router and now I am connected


You’re welcome and happy to see that is worked 😁

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