Unable to connect to Global currently

Unable to connect to global server. Is there any problem with it?

How long are you waitning to connect?

Fine from here maybe could your WiFi be out could you plug out and in your router?

If that doesnt work try to restart your flight…Maybe even your whole device…

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I might have come across this issue before as well.
I received professional advice and one possible way of solving this issue is turning on Airplane Mode for a short period of time, and turn it off again. This might help you re-establish connection with the server. If you wish you seek more help, feel free to contact regulars or moderators, they will be very kind to help.

We are here and listening :)
Waiting for the OP to respond.

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Yes, I’ve had this problem about an hour ago as well. Took me about 5-7 mins to reconnect.

How is your server connection?

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