Unable to connect to expert server

I’m currently unable to connect to expert server. Casual and Training server are running just fine.
I’ve restarted the app, my device, reinstalled IF and nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?

Is it not loading? App crash? More information is needed to find the issue. Perhaps you don’t meet ES requirements?

Did you check your stats to make sure you didn’t get demoted to Grade 2?

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I’m currently grade 4 and it loads, but doesn’t connect me

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Try turning airplane mode on for 30 seconds and turning it off.

Still doesn’t work

Did you tried 4g connection? I mean mobile data, not Wi-Fi

Still the same

Did you tried restart your device?

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Check the percentage of players in-game

It’s been going on for 3 days

I had that issue a second ago about to join final at Detroit cut out for a few but came back

Oh ok. Do you use OPEN BETA?
Android or Apple?

What you see when trying to join?

Samsung Galaxy A71, Android 10

did you use Open Beta?

I’m not in the beta

Hi there,

So you rebooted and said you reinstalled?
I also read you tried cellular vs wifi?
I see you tried the wifi toggle with airplane mode.

We are not seeing anything on the server side. Are you using any 3rd party apps? Does it happen if you spawn at a different airport?

Just to be prudent, go ahead and end your flight and clear the cache and reboot. Try that again.

It happens at all airports, cleared cache, restarted device, app, reinstalled, nothing works

It sounds like you have done everything you can. In some cases you can reset your network connections to see if it clears things up. You will need to make sure you have your network credentials handy.