Unable to connect to centre frequency

Im having an issue when im inside the white aera for centre, but it isn’t letting me connect to the centre frequency. is there a reason for this or is my device just being an idiot

What center is this and what is your current position (give coordinates)?

colombo -0.40234 and 88.275432

You have to be under 400nm from the airport where Center is open (in this case VCCJ)


Ah alright. While you might be within the white center FIR boundary, the Center MAX Emitter Range is 400-430nm from the transmitting frequency. In this case, the transmitting radar facility is VCCJ.

You are roughly 800nm from VCCJ. This means that in roughly 400nm, you’ll be able to make contact with center and communicate through your decent.

Rough Image of where you are compared to the transmission frequency:

  • Blue Dot - Your location (roughly)
  • Green Circle - Transmitting Frequency (VCCJ)

See The User Guide for more information on Center:


Thanks man I fell asleep and got violations anyway lol

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