Unable to change pilot/Atc voice

Hi there im currently unable to change my pilot/atc voice from the default voice there are no options in which i could choose please help (android user btw)

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This sounds like an issue with Text To Speak, do you have more than one installed?

Hello! First off, welcome to the community!

I believe I understand your problem but correct me if I’m wrong, if you are wanting to change your pilot and ATC voice, you need go to settings>live and you should see the option to change the voice for both. I hope this helps!

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Ok, @Royb96 could you elaborate on what you mean when you say there are no options to choose?

I think it means when he clicks on the drop down menu there is no options, if that is correct he has no Text to Speak installed.

Alright, well let’s see what he means exactly whenever he replies :)

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I figured it out i didnt have any TTS installed
thank you for the help guys


Thats great! Enjoy Infinite Flight.