Unable to capture ILS Signal at Varanasi (VIBN)

Apropos to the subject of this topic , attached is the proof . Also there is an issue with the airport ICAO code , it should be VIBN instead of VEBN.

Try getting closer to the airport

I was on base , even tried after getting inside the cone.

Does it do this with all your sessions or just specifically this one?

I see that you don’t have NAV 1 set to runway 27

They can’t because the ILS is “out of range”.

It just happened with this particular airport. As a matter of fact , I was able to catch signals of other airports far away in the same session sitting at VIBN.

This message came up when I was trying to do that 😂

Yes but if you leave this session and respawn as a new flight does it still occur? In other words, is it specially one session or can it be reproduced in multiple separate sessions

Let me check it once.

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Still unable to capture.

Hmmm odd I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my end. I’m able to capture the ILS. Hopefully Seb will have more answers. While we’re here, can you confirm you’ve restarted your app and tried again?

Also they removed the out of range thing a while ago. They made it so that you can tune to the ils when ever

If that is the case as airnico said above (which I am unaware of) can you also confirm you are on the most current version of Infinite Flight? To make sure, go to your respective App Store and check to see if you can install any updates to Infinite Flight.

I have checked the Database of the airport editing team in GitHub.

The ICAO code VEBN is correct.

and the LOC and GS is correct in the database with a feasible range.
The issue must be somewhere else.

IFAET Supervisor


Clearing scenery cache multiple times helped solve the issue 😅. Thanks @Asher & @Airnico_9962_on_YT for your help ! Appreciate it 👍

Not sure how that fixed your issue since scenery cache and the ILS system have nothing in common but it is what it is! Glad to see it resolved.

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Thanks for the help , I guess there’s some confusion with Flightradar24,it shows VIBN. Thanks for the confirmation though ! 👍

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