Unable to buy a subscription


It just comes up saying a error , i’ve deleted and re downloaded the simuator twice. Ive been trying for over 2 hours. Please help. Its the secound latest for ios

What is the error message saying?
What device and operating system do you have?

What is the version of Infinite Flight that is currently downloaded on your device? If you have the new update(s), then try reinstalling your app and make sure your billing information is correct.

Are you attempting to buy Live / Live+

If so,
Live / Live+ has been discontinued, to check if your device is compatible with the new update(s) go to the App Store/ Google Play and see if it gives you a option to update.

Ipad mini four generation

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It dose not give me a chance to update and ive tried re-installing. Please i love this game.

According to your printscreen, you are using an older version of the app that is not compatible with the newer PRO subscriptions.

From where did you get Infinite Flight? Is your device jailbreaked or anything?

You shouldn’t have any problems if you download the app from App Store.

I have had this problem a week ago. The solution was that I had that same account on another device and the sub will count for both devices as they are in the same account. (this worked for me)

Irrelevant, as he’s using the old version of Infinite Flight as you can see in the printscreen :)

Won’t be having much luck trying to purchase Live or Live+ :)

But shouldn’t his device automatically upload the new update of IF?

You are absolutely right, hence these questions:


Just to throw it in there the Mini 4 works great (at least on mine, wich is on the latest firmware (minis betta)) so devive should not be problematic

Also are you online? Is it possible that he could be offline and still able to see the menue to buy it?
Also I would ask if other in app purchases work, becuais you could have invalid appleID, or invalid cradit card if it is tied to that

Seb can take it, guys.

Please read what I’ve already said two times now.

The printscreen provided is from the pre-Global version of the app.
You can’t purchase a subscription from that version anymore since PRO was launched.

And if you have a supported device, which the iPad Mini 4 is. You shouldn’t be able to download the pro-Global version, unless you’re doing it from an illegal source and therefore probably have a jailbreaked device.


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