Unable to access the expert server

Operating system: IOS

Whenever I attempt to access the expert server the server switches back to the training server. Help!


have you checking your ratings? If you have too many violations, then you won’t be able to access the expert server.

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I am a grade 1 but I am trying to access the ATC on expert bc I’m IFATC

Ah. I know nothing about the ATC side of things, I’m strictly just a pilot. Is it possible that your flight ratings are affecting your ability to access the Expert Server regardless?

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should be able to use no matter the grade, im grade 2 and can still control

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Have you met the requirements for Grade 3?

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You have to be grade 3 to even try out for IFATC…

I was grade 4 at one point but then became pretty busy

Then all you can do is just grind back to grade 3 and maybe re apply for IFATC?

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I still am IFATC

You can’t be IFATC if you are not grade 3 or higher, as you can’t access the required server

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That’s surprisingly not true. I thought the same thing but I have controlled as a G1 before but I wonder if the new update has anything to do with it bc I haven’t controlled since the new update

I’ve never heard of that before, as the app requires grade 3. At this point I’d just ask an IFATC supervisor.

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I did and we tried everything but in the end he had no idea and told me to create a support topic

One of the entry requirements for IFATC is to be Grade 3 or higher, however, as far as I know, you can control on the Expert Server even if you are not in Grade 3. Either way, you can still be in IFATC while you rank back up to Grade 3, as there’s minimum time requirements which are very generous.

Possibly with the update the access to the ES ATC is now restricted, so I’d suggest to rank back up, @TheAviation_YT

If someone has more detailed info please lmk

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Ah, never knew that. Thanks for the input!

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This is accurate, all of the replies above are irrelevant. An unintended consequence of the last update was a switch to ATC where controlling on Expert Server requires Grade 2.


Ok thank you!

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