Unable to access the all time leaderboard info

For the last month I have been unable to access the all time leaderboard info for either total flight time or landings…it just waits and waits…without responding…l have a Nexus 7 first gen dinosaur …but it still functions well enough…and l had full leaderboard info access until early June

Since nobody has responded to my initial message about eight days ago now…l am asking again if anybody else has the same problem …specifically with a Nexus 7 first gen…and if the devs have had similar complaints with tabs or phones by other manufacturers…l have patiently waited as long as five minutes and still no total flight time or landing info shows up…any helpful advice would be appreciated

It won’t work for me either, it says loading and then it just goes blank, I’m using an iPad 3.

Won’t work for me either, about the last month, frustrating me haha

iPad 3 as well

This issue has been flagged to Matt & Philippe.

Well, for whatever reason…l am now unable to access any of the IF leaderboard info as of yesterday morning on my Nexus 7 first gen…how widespread is this phenomena…and is it on devices from other manufacturers…any advice from the devs would also be appreciated…

Well, its over a month later…and I still cannot access all the leaderboard info…so the thought is…if l download your GPS hotfix…will that solve the access problem…