Unable to access Global server




Thanks. My internet connection is good.

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I think this server is down globally

Same problem in here, too

Device details

Vivo V3
Android 5.1.1
Infinite Flight’s latest version

How to reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Select either “Fly Online” or “Air Traffic Controlling”
  3. Click Sign In

Update : For some reason, now I can open the application


Some time happens, just restart IF App or your device will be ok.

Same problems over here

Yep same problem. Probably just some maintenance 👍🏻

YES! Same thing has been happening for a few hrs now and its frustrating!

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hi, I keep getting the “infinite flight is experiencing issues connecting to the server. check internet connnection and try again. if this problem persists, please contact support” message… any chance y’all can help me with this problem?

Is this why my joystick keeps disconnecting using liveflight connect?

Same problem over here. iOS users like me are experiencing this issue also.

Same here, still can’t log in

We are still working your ticket in support and investigating the issue. We will respond ASAP.