Unable to access expert server

Hi, can anyone tell me why I have XP 44560 but it says I’m still grade 2 and am unable to access the expert server? Thank you.

I was flying at FL30, began to receive vectors. The 1st instruction was to make 360, this was cancelled and I recieved “maintain 9000, right turns.” I wasn’t 100% what I was asked to do? I was expecting that to change also, so I kept to my own flight and I got ghosted.

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Can you send a screenshot with your XP and landings etc. The most common issue is too many violations. In which case you will have to wait 1-3 days to access the expert server again.


XP is one of 4 things that matter… How many landings do you have? Flight time? Violations and ghostings?

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How many violations do you have in the past 3 days?

Just click on the information icon next to your grade in your account info and you will see which requirements you don’t meet

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Could me a issue of not meeting the amount flight time /landing count in the 90 day period ?

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You were ghosted