Unable to Access Any Live Servers Despite Being Logged In

I have a Live subscription, have logged in via Facebook, and see my name as logged in on the upper right in IF, but have very rare success at getting on the Free Flight Server (the only one I’m currently qualified to fly on). But I can’t get any more XP or flight hours unless I can successfully spawn into a live environment and get credited for the flights I take. I have only managed to successfully spawn into an airport in Live about half a dozen times – I was able to use the Unicom and see other pilots, etc. But recently, no matter what I do (restart the device, log out of IF and back in, restart the sim, pray), I can’t seem to get it to work. The headphones are always dimmed and I can’t see any other planes. is there something I’m missing? The server load is never more than about 20-21% according to the status when I check, so it seems like capacity is not the problem. I’d really like to be able to get credit so I can use more airports and gain enough XP to try a an ATC flight, but am stuck at 1,500 XP and low hours despite flying for much longer.


iPad 2 // IF // iOS 9

Could be your internet connection.

If the Wifi symbol in the top right corner is yellow-orange or red, you will not see anyone. Try again on a different device, the iPad 2 is pretty old.

Thanks. It seems like others on here are still using an iPad 2 and my internet connection seems fine, but I do have the orange fan in the top right corner. I don’t necessarily need to see other planes so much as just want to actually get the XP and standing increase from successful flights. Despite being logged in on the FFS1, I get the dimmed headphones for the Unicom and no feedback/points after a flight. I would really like to resolve this since I’m paying for the Live but essentially only able to play what amounts to Solo. The oddest part is that I have been able to get it to work a handful of times with the same wifi connection and device.

yellow means ur not connected, u need green bars.

If that top right corner “connection status” indicator is not green, then your internet connection is either inconsistent or not connected at all. That would explain the problem you’re having.

Try to first turn the device power off, then unplug both your modem and then router for about 10 seconds.
Then in this order -
Plug in modem
Plug in router
Wait for them to display full connectivity indications (this varies from device to device), when they are all indicating connectivity,
turn the device power back on and launch the app to try again.

If it’s still not green during a live flight, then somethings wrong with the network or network devices. Might be something as trivial as somebody else using the same network or just a weak signal. Like say the router is on one floor and you are on another.

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That was some weird spell checking my iPad did. WTH is “comet work” ? Lol

Thanks Sean… You’re too fast. :)

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I had to ask out loud how “internet” autocorrects to “comet work” haha!